Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Travel Foreman, John Paul Leon, Steve Pugh, and Alberto Ponticelli

As one of the breakout titles from DC’s “New 52” reboot, Animal Man continues to lead the way for inventive superhero stories that aren’t shackled to just one genre. Led by Jeff Lemire's philosophical scripts, Animal Man is a deep meditation on the relationship between man and nature, but it also features a sassy talking cat named Socks. It’s completely ridiculous at times, and that’s part of the book's charm. 

One of the title's only downsides is the rotating cast of artists that have worked on Animal Manover the first half of the year. Don’t get us wrong, none of the artists are bad; in fact, they have all brought something unique to the table. But it’s still a little jarring when every few issues features a different look.

Those problems aside, Animal Man is still a fantastic read for people looking for a bit more depth to their superhero stories.