Henry James Baxter was charged with murder after telling Nashville police that he brutally murdered his romantic rival. The 37-year-old Baxter shot 48-year-old Erman Thompson in the head, then cut it off with a shovel before wheeling his corpse 650 feet down the street to dump it in an empty lot. All in the name of love.

Both Baxter and Thompson had fathered children by Ashley Thompson, who was married to Erman. The Thompson's had two children together, Baxter had one with Thompson and all six of them lived together under one roof. A recipe for disaster, especially once Baxter decided he wanted her to himself.

In a deranged twist, Erman Thompson had actually raised Baker as his own son before either one of them knew Ashley Thompson. After admitting to the murder on Thursday, Baxter identified the body. He was arrested, charged with criminal homicide and is being held on $750,000 bond.

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[via NY Daily News]