New World Interactive, the developers of 2007's popular FPS Source mod Insurgency, are, like many others, turning to Kickstarter to develop the sequel, Insurgency 2.

They're asking for $180,000 to develop Insurgency 2, a "strategic, fast-paced and strikingly realistic first-person shooter that puts the player in modern conflict zones" with "a wide variety of powerful weaponry" and "a unique blend of tactical action."

Sure, that description could fit about a dozen games coming out in the next year, but so what? We love 'em all the same.

“With more and more projects popping up, some feel Kickstarter is getting flooded. We see it as growing, and the projects needing to adapt to a both larger and wiser fan base,” New World Interactive founder Jeremy Blum said in a press release. “We’ve been listening to the community, playtesting daily and doing our best to make Insurgency 2 the FPS game we always wanted to play.”

Do you agree that Kickstarter is simply growing, or is it really being overused? What about Insurgency 2? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter.