You know the old campfire tale, the one that always strikes paralyzing fear into the hearts of boys and girls alike: On a cold, windy December night, three attractive twenty-something professionals stop off at a cash-dispensing location, when a homicidal maniac locks shows up and prevents them from exiting. Oh, wait, you’ve never heard that “scary” story? OK, we haven’t either, and there’s no doubt that anyone who’d ever try to terrify others with that kind of crap would be laughed at uncontrollably.

Yet, that didn’t stop the filmmakers behind the oh-so-cleverly titled ATM (available on DVD/Blu-ray today) from stretching such a paper-thin premise into a dull, pointlessly convoluted 90-minute disaster of a horror flick. Starring the unfortunate Alice Eve (Entourage), Josh Peck (The Wackness), and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker), ATM is literally about people stuck inside the titular money supplier, with an uninventive slasher movie killer marauding outside. And, trust us, the film didn’t make our countdown of the worst movies of 2012 so far for nothing.

Incredibly, and regrettably, ATM’s set-up isn’t the worst to ever taint the scary movie genre. Have a look, if you dare, at the lamest of the lame with our gallery of The 10 Corniest Places People Have Been Trapped In Horror Movies.

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