You've probably heard that Google is releasing a new version of its Android mobile operating system called Jelly Bean this month. You've probably also heard that Google released a new version of Android last year called Ice Cream Sandwich. But if you're like most Android users, it'll be a while yet before either version actually makes its way to your phone. Currently, just 10 percent of the Android community has the most recent version of the software, according to Google's own numbers.

Initially debuting on Samsung's Google-backed Galaxy Nexus last year, Android ICS has only recently begun to ship on other new phones and as a downloadable update to a select few older handsets. With Jelly Bean, Google is debuting a new flavor of the OS before the vast majority of its audience has had a chance to taste the old.

The way things are going, a yearly update cycle for Android doesn't really make sense. By the time most users get a hold of Jelly Bean in 2013, they'll already be being taunted with visions of Key Lime Pie.

[via Gizmodo]