Imagine the horror patrons would experience after a grinning waiter dropped off a $60K check, because that’s exactly what happened to two Top Chef contestants recently at Chicago’s moto (945 West Fulton Market). While is one of the ten most expensive restaurants in America, it is not $60,000-a-meal expensive. Pick your jaw up, though; it was all just a joke.

Two of the chefs, Chris Jones and Richie Farina, appeared on Top Chef last season. Because they were in a joking mood, they decided to trick two visitors, Chris Crary and Grayson Schmitz, who also happened to be contestants. The check included bogus fees like a $5,168 “table relocation” fee and a $16,000 “water pour fee.”

The 18% service charge jacked the price up to about $60,000, but the real giveaway should’ve been the $1,000 chef harassment fee. So while it might cost a grip to dine at moto, it won’t cost you a year’s salary.

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[via Chicagoist]