The bigger the lie, the more they believe. Joshua Garlathy from Allentown, Pa., must pay $32,000 in back child support after he was convinced by a bounty hunter to return to the state after being promised a role in a fake Jennifer Aniston film. Garlathy had no choice but to plead guilty on Tuesday after his flight from Hawaii touched down in Philly.

A new law in Pennsylvania makes it illegal to move out of the state to skip child support, and he was subsequently sentenced to 90 days of probation. What we don’t get is why he thought he’d be considered for a role in a Jennifer Aniston movie? Does he have a portfolio, an agent, or a fucking clue?

Despite his absentee parenting, he still hopes he can repair his relationship with his daughter. That’s an act she won’t buy.

[via The Huffington Post]