Imagine a husband being upset at the one time his wife decides to cook, and imagine a husband being unspeakably upset because his wife baked the bread. That is thea accurate account of one Australian man's state of mind after his wife accidentally cooked the family's entire life savings.

The man, who elected to remain anonymous out of embarrassment, says he hid the $15,000 he received after selling his prized Toyota Supra in the oven because he figured it would be a safe place. Apparently his wife was a stranger to the kitchen. Of course, the day he hid the dough had to be the day that she decided to heat up some chicken nuggets for their daughters.

The man pleaded with the bank to accept the burned money, but was denied. However, the bank took some pity on him and agreed to help him however they could "within the guidelines." Still, the burning question remains: Why the hell would he hide his life savings in the oven? You hide valuables in safe places, and safe places don't involve fire.

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[via Gawker]