Dream director: Joe Carnahan
Dream cast: Garrett Hedlund as Iron Fist, Terry Crews as Luke Cage

When you think about it, being a superhero is a pretty bad business decision. The hours are long; there are no health benefits, despite the danger you’re always in; at the end of the week, there is no fat paycheck sitting on your desk.

That’s why Luke Cage, a.k.a. Power Man, and the Iron Fist decided to go into business for themselves by setting up Heroes for Hire, Inc. Together, the duo charge people for their protective services, much like freelance detectives would. This helps keep their operation afloat and provides them with enough cash to continue fighting crime.

Set in New York—mostly in Cage’s Harlem stomping ground—a Heroes for Hire movie would be part Do the Right Thing and part Avengers as this super-powered team would fight for smaller social causes, as opposed to alien threats. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt Marvel to toss a little diversity into its movies.