Address: 951 Frankford Ave.

This is the pinnacle of hipster douchery in Philadelphia: It's amazing how this joint is able to combine the uniquely pretentious quasi-ironic slumming of a Bushwick warehouse party with the more head-on experience of sweating in between two orange-tinted biceps in a dance club, making for one impossible-to-stomach cocktail. There are much better bars in the Barbary's Fishtown neighborhood. Head to Loco Pez (2401 East Norris St.) for tacos, or to the Handle Bar (1102 Frankford Ave.) for biker karaoke. Get to E.G.G. (200 East Girard Ave.) for tasty-ass brunch, or to Johnny Brenda's (1201 Frankford Ave.) to get so drunk you can't feel your face. Regardless, skip the Barbary. It sucks.