The Wii U technically debuted at E3 2011, but who remembers that? Nintendo's been rather quietly chugging away for the past year, working on what will hopefully be an even more impressive re-reveal of the new console.

We'd love to take credit for coming up with these whoping 90 rumors, but we can't, because IGN did it. But we will copy and paste their work (15 per page):

Be sure to let us know which are your favorites in the comments or on Twitter.

1. Wii U to not feature hard-drive, instead to sport 8GB flash memory.

2. Wii U to feature "HD" virtual console, select "classic" games to be re-mastered in HD.

3. Nintendo to allow select GameCube titles to "be downloaded from WiiWare" onto Wii U, comes from NintendoGal interview with Amber McCollom, E&T director at NoA.

4. Project Offset to be revived as Wii U exclusive, I.P. picked up by Nintendo.

5. Mass Effect 3 being developed for "Next-Gen System", possibly hinting Wii U release.

6. Wii U-specific Sonic the Hedgehog game in the works, will be spin-off of main line series, SEGA has since denied "Sonic Dimensions" specific game speculation for Wii U, but says Wii U is still very "applicable to Sonic".

7. Dead Space being developed for "unannounced console" alongside PS3 and X360, possibility of Wii U release, game confirmed to release in 2012-2013 fiscal year, most likely Dead Space 3 (see rumor #24 for more on Dead Space).

8. The Darkness II being planned for Wii U, no further details given.

9. Wii U to support two tablet controller support, Nintendo feels that it's "absolutely necessary".

10. EA and Valve competing to become "main service" for Wii U's online system.

11. Ubisoft working on "AAA MMO Title", speculated to be for Wii U.

12. Final Fantasy XV to be officially announced for Wii U (see rumor #86 for more on Final Fantasy).

13. Wii U's online store to be a "fully featured app store", includes digital distribution of eBooks and YouTube app (see rumor #81 for more on eBooks).

14. Project Ogre to land on Wii U, developed by Kojima Productions.

15. Sonic and SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed to be released on Wii U, also developed by Sumo Digital.

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