Gaming was a lot different when Carmageddon was released in 1997, but it drew no less ire from sleazy politicians and ignorant mainstream news pundits. Thus Carmageddon, which allowed players to mow down pedestrians until the ground was bathed in spaghetti sauce, was hailed as the game that would turn a generation into an army of conscience-free serial hit-and-runners.

As far as we know that hasn't happened, so there should be no harm in revisiting Carmageddon when it releases soon on GOG. The game will be $9.99, DRM-free (of course), and will include "The Splat Pack" expansion. Blood good.

Now's as good a time as any to re-release the controversial "classic", as the Kickstarter for a follow-up has 12 days and $32,000 to go.

Will we see that game at E3? We'll know more as the show approached. Interesting in the series still? Just want to squish some passersby? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.