Sure, Wall-E is completely freaking adorable. But somehow, through a few electronic beeps and synthesized robot sounds, robot Wall-E manages to condescendingly communicate the movie's ham-fisted message: You are disgustingly lazy, overly-reliant on technology, and, oh yeah, a completely disrespectful slob when it comes to the environment.

Wall-E smothers us with guilt as he slaves day and night to clean up our mess, which has made Earth uninhabitable and forced humans into outer space, where they are doomed to spend their days on mobilized couches, so captivated by the computer-like hologram around them that they barely realize their surroundings.

At one point, a bloated human rolls off his couch, portrayed as a pathetic beached whale who needs a service bot to get him back on his chair, presumably because he's too dumb and fat to do so himself. When another hefty human's hologram is disconnected, she seems in awe of the world around her, saying: "I didn't know we had a pool."

We loved Wall-E, don't get us wrong, but they could have went a little less preachy with the, "Get off your computer, you pathetic, cellulite-ridden mess."  And no, we're not just saying that because Wall-E offended us with its accuracy. OK...yes we are.