Really, numbers one and two on this list could be easily swapped, but we’re giving the Justice League the slight, slight nod just due to the fact that the team’s trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman makes up the foundation on which the entire comic book industry was built upon. Over the years, the League has been looked upon as heroes, demigods, and even public menaces from time-to-time, but no matter what direction the comic has gone in, the stories have always been larger than life.

Legendary talent like Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Dwayne McDuffie, J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, and countless others have all contributed to the team’s success by adding their own unique touches to the comic'sstorylines. The Justice League may not have been the first super team, but theirs is undoubtedly the model from which every one since has copied.

Any time you can say a team’s roster includes Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Green Lantern, The Flash, Zatanna, and Hawkgirl, it’s hard not to view said group  as the best. The stories might not be as emotional and relatable as the Avengers' comics, but the moral complexities and thought-provoking questions asked by some of the team's best stories put Justice League right at the top.