Sony has patented new technology that will give the console-maker the ability to "suspend interactive content" to stream ads to players. The patent was posted by a NeoGaf forum-goer, who found information via Google Patents.

Based on the patent diagrams and description, here's how it works: When an ad is about to play, a visual or audio warning cue (lights or sirens) will appear to warn you when an ad is coming, then the game will automatically pause and an ad will appear and play in the middle of the screen. The ad will also show a warning when gameplay is about to start again.

With the features of PS4/Orbis still unconfirmed, there's no way to say whether this is something already being integrated into the next-gen console, or if it's something Sony plans to try somewhere down the line.

Hopefully, they'll realize that this is a bad idea and decide not to use it at all.

[Via NeoGaf]