Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new fitness-based service for Xbox called "Kinect Play Fit", according to The Verge. The dashboard update will supposedly allow fitness-minded Kinect users to track data about their Kinect-based exercise across most games.

According to the report, Microsoft will also likely announce a universal heart monitor, codenamed "Joule", that will work in tandem with Kinect Play Fit. Using the "Joule" will let players optimize their workouts by ensuring that their exercises keep their heart rate at optimal levels for cardio, weight loss, etc.

While the Joule will work in tandem with Kinect Play Fit, users will not be required to purchase it to use the service.

EA already produces a heart monitor for gaming platforms, which comes with EA Sports Active 2: That monitor works exclusively with one game, though. Theoretically, the Joule will work with every game the Kinect Play Fit is compatible with.

Though no release timetable has been specified, if a service like this is in the works there's a pretty good chance we'll see it at Microsoft's E3 keynote, which multiple reports have asserted will focus on non-gaming services, including "Woodstock", Xbox's rumored new music streaming service.

[Via The Verge]