Amongst the new shows on NBC's fall comedy line-up is Justin Kirk's Animal Hospital, following a Gregory House-like veterinarian who "loves animals but hates their owners." Actress JoAnna Garcia - AKA, New York Yankees player Nick Swisher's wife - has been tapped to play the female lead opposite Kirk, replacing the originally casted actress, Amy Hubelman after she was let go for "creative reasons." Garcia's character is said to share a romantic history with Kirk's character, and now works alongside him after being brought in to run the animal hospital where the series takes place.

Though there's no telling if Animal Practice will be more of a Parks and Recreaction or more of an Outsourced, both Kirk and Garcia have somewhat of a background in comedy - Kirk previously appeared in Showtime's Weeds, and Garcia is an alum of The WB's Reba

[via The Hollywood Reporter]