By now you've seen the incredible God of War: Ascension multiplayer footage and if you are anything like us, you can't wait to get your hands on it. Last week during the unveiling of the title we caught up with the lead game designer of Ascension, Mark Simon. Simon worked on GoW II and III before Ascension and is extremely excited about the franchise and the genre. Check out our Q&A with him as he gives a lot of insight into what went into the title as well as what fans can expect when it finally hits shelves.  

The God of War franchise gained its popularity as single player game. Is the team at all worried that the new multi-player in God of War: Ascension will overtake the single player campaign like what happens with most FPS's?
Not a chance in hell, because if that happens then what we did was right! Our single player is epic. Its bad ass. I came to work here because I played God of War, I played the single player and thought, "that is everything right with an action adventure game, I gotta be part of it."

When Todd [Papy] (Game Director) and I started working on this project, we felt that we needed to do something different. We're not going to do a Titan or a Pegasus; we're not doing any of that nonsense. This time around, lets give our players something that they've never had before. We're giving them the opportunity to play their friends or family members. Let them kick each other’s ass on the couch together. The minute they get the controller in their hand, fight each other, cut off a friend’s head and throw it off a cliff is the minute they know they are playing God of War multi-player.

Why a prequel and not GoW IV?
If you go back to God of War,  there was a lot of stuff that you were told about Kratos before the game even really started. He was crazy, he was on a boat was yelling at the gods. There was a lot of interesting stuff that happened up until that point for us to go back to. We've got more to work with by starting at the beginning.

Speak a bit on the customization of playable characters.
Each one of the players has two different weapons. We've got swords and hammers, and each sword has a different skin.  Swords and hammers are about the same in how they act but a different skin may give each weapon a different attack.

When you play any one of the existing fighting games you've got to understand who your character is based on the abilities. If you look at the eight characters that we were playing today, they were all configured differently so that they all had different abilities from one another.

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