Battlefield 3 developer DICE has announced that some future projects made using the developer's game engine, Frostbite 2, will require PC gamers to have a 64-bit operating system.

A 64-bit operating system more effectively utilizes computers that feature a 64-bit processor, handling more data and using RAM more efficiently. Many modern computers, certainly those designed with gaming in mind, already have a 64-bit processor, but the requirement will force many Windows users to upgrade their operating system: There are both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so players may need to buy a new OS even if they're using a newer system.

"We'll have Frostbite-powered games in 2013 that will _require_ a 64-bit OS," tweeted DICE animator  Johan Andersson"If you are on 32-bit, great opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8."

In addition to DICE's own sequels Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Bad Company 3 a couple likely approaching sequels - Dead Space 3 and Command and Conquer: Generals 2 - could potentially feature the requirement. That said, a few games have already been released on Frostbite 2 that don't demand a 64-bit OS, including Need for Speed: The Run.

[Via Eurogamer]