Rooster Teeth is gearing up for the 10th season of its smash hit Halo machinima series Red vs. Blue, and as the teaser trailer above reveals, the new season will feature none other than Elijah Wood.

For those who don't know, machinima is fan-made fiction set in the world of a video game and using in-game footage. Red vs. Blue started back in the original Halo days, and it might be the most popular series ever—Rooster Teeth is reporting that their Youtube page just passed 1 billion total views.

The series follows the red and blue armies of Halo as they wage a war "that they know very little about and have no clue how to win."

Elijah Wood has signed on as Sigma, a recurring AI character whose menacing visage can be glimpsed at the end of the trailer.

Do you think Sigma can rival Frodo or even Wilfred's Ryan as Wood's best role? What are you looking forward to in RvB's 10th season? Leave your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.