Country: Argentina
Directors: Daniel de la Vega and Pablo Parés

Also known as Chronicle of the Raven, this Argentinean creeper owes a great deal to older, better horror films like Italian director Dario Argento’s dreamlike masterpiece Suspiria (1977). That's not something that should be held against Jennifer’s Shadow; on the contrary, directors Daniel de la Vega’s and Pablo Parés’ supernatural collaboration does a fine job of emulating much of that older style of cinema’s dread-filled mood and unsettling undercurrents.

Gina Phillips (the hot-piece sister in Jeepers Creepers) plays an American actress who heads to Buenos Aries to take up ownership of her recently checked-out twin sister’s house, an inheritance that her mean grandmother (an effectively nutty Faye Dunaway) isn’t too pleased about. But here’s the kicker: While shacking up in the sister’s crib, Phillips’ character succumbs to a family illness that makes her think ravens attack her during sleep and peck at her innards. And, in the film’s highly satisfying and downbeat final moments, de la Vega and Parés do that sick idea plenty of justice.