As always, QuakeCon is totally free to the general public, but pre-registration—which opens in about an hour at—will net you some exclusive goodies.

The "Swag Pack" ($40, limit 500) includes a QuakeCon 2012 t-shirt, a Dishonored Tallboy t-shirt, and a limited edition poster. The "BYOC select-a-seat" package ($30, limit 1,500) guarantees you a seat of your choice in the bring-your-own-computer area and includes a QuakeCon 2012 BYOC t-shirt. And the "QuakeCon done quick" bundle ($50, limit 350) lets you reserve a seat in BYOC, gives you a fast-pass through registration, panel and event lines, gets you reserved seating for those events, and comes with a t-shirt as well.

So if you plan to pre-register, we hope you're not a button-down kind of person, because you're guaranteed to get some t-shirts.

The site should open up in about an hour, so be quick if you want to get the goods. Are you heading to QuakeCon this year? Planning on going free or getting one of the packages? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.