With the release of Prometheus still over a month away, 20th Century Fox and director Ridley Scott have debuted a new viral marketing video that sheds more light on the world that the movie exists in as well as some background on Michael Fassbender’s android character, David, courtesy of Mashable. This clip introduces us to David in an advertisement from the Weyland Corporation that shows off all of his features. He is an incredibly intelligent, emotive android, and his expertise in almost any subject makes him the ideal maintenance worker on the shuttle Prometheus.

There is a creepy, sterile quality to this advertisement that should no doubt conjure up feelings of 2001: A Space Odyssey for movie buffs everywhere. Self-aware robots haven’t had a peaceful history in the movie industry, so we’re not letting Fassbender’s sophisticated veneer fool us. We know he’s most likely up to no good.

Prometheus opens up on June 8. And below, check out a full page ad that Fox took out for David in the Wall Street Journal.

[via Mashable]