As part of a partnership between Nintendo and the Louvre, Nintendo's 3DS handheld gaming system is now giving audio-visual tours in the world's most famous art museum. The system will replace the Paris museum's more traditional electronic tour devices and be offered at a slight discount of €5 (or €3 for minors)—down from the previous tour's €6.

The system will treat visitors to an interactive map, interviews with the museum's curators and lecturers, over 700 descriptions of the Louvre's many works of art, and guided trails with names like "Masterpieces," which takes you from the Venus de Milo to the Mona Lisa.

It'll also keep track of your position so you don't get lost (that place is huge and very confusing) and offer 3D photos and reconstructions as well as HD images.

In our opinion, this is absolute genius—the Louvre gets a far more interesting electronic tour, and Nintendo gets the 3DS into the hands of millions of people who might otherwise turn up their noses at a gaming system. And before you ask, no, you can't just play games on it instead of paying attention to the museum; they've covered up the game card slots.

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