You don't have to be a fan of hardcore PC strategy games to want to go to Norway, though in this case it'll certainly help. Naval War: Arctic Circle developer Turbo Tape Games is flying one fan (or interested party) out to their home town of Bergen to visit the studio, check out the game and generally have an awesome time just being in Norway.

All you have to do is visit this thread and tell them why you can't wait to play the game. You could talk about how accessible they're making it, or how you're obsessed with naval battles. Or, of course, you could just make some shit up because you want to go to Norway.

It might be awkward trying to feign interest throughout the studio visit, though. Entries are due by April 6, and they'll select a winner by April 10. Ten runners-up will receive copies of the Hearts of Iron 3 Collection, another strategy gem. Let us know what you tell them in the comments or on Twitter, and good luck!