We get it. Campaigning for presidency is a tough, tiring job. We can't imagine how mentally draining it would be, actually. But is it any excuse for falling asleep on camera right before you're supposed to give a speech to The American Israel Public Affairs Committee? Absolutely not. But, when Newt Gingrich does it, it's also hilarious.

The set-up was as follows: Gingrich was sitting before a camera that was live-streaming to the AIPAC conference. He was caught on video dozing off before the speech before waking up for a brief moment - only to go right back to his nap. Then, upon waking, Gingrich expressed his excitement about speaking to the "panel" that the conference had, only to be informed after a very awkward pause that "there is not a panel." Stumbling over his words, Gingrich quickly opens his speech, saying, "Let me just say – I say this pretty briefly, I think … We need a fundamental reassessment of our entire understanding of the threat of radical Islam."

And it's all on video. Check it out above!

[via Mediaite]