After a quick 24-hour countdown yesterday to what we were hoping would be a Baldur's Gate 3 announcement, we were only slightly disappointed when (which is currently down) revealed Beamdog's latest project: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. "It's not a repackage. We have the original source code and are doing a significant update," a Beamdog rep told Joystiq. They're definitely adding "new, original content."

Beamdog is self-publishing the game, and their Overhaul Games division is developing it. It's been in the "planning and organizing" stages for "over a year," another rep said. "It's being loving[sic] crafted in the spirit of the original with the help of some of the original developers."

So for now we'll consider this an HD remake, not just a port and definitely not a simple repackaging. Beamdog's stated that they intend to release weekly info, so hopefully we'll know soon what platforms it'll be on. PC is a definite, at least. We do know that it's coming this summer.

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