Game Informer—those lucky, lucky bastards—recently paid Ubisoft Montreal a visit to check out Assassin's Creed 3, a game that was only recently revealed to be set around the time of the American Revolution. For any Brits reading this, that's what we Americans called that time we kicked you out of our country.

We jest! Anyway, GI came away with some concept art, which we've re-posted here for your convenience. The first two images show Boston, which is one of the two major cities you'll be exploring. Following that are New York after the Great Fire, a battlefield, some wilderness shots, a young Connor (the protagonist), and revolutionaries Ben Franklin, George Washington and Charles Lee.

The preview mentions that the game will focus more on events than places, meaning you'll get to witness that Great Fire and other country-shaping happenings. Alternating seasons will also be important (hence the snowy visage), though it's unclear whether the seasons will change in a natural cycle or as story events transpire. We're guessing the latter, though it will be neat if the seasons start alternating automatically once all the missions are completed.

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