The good folks at iFixit got their hands on the leaked iPad 3 display that MacRumors obtained last week, and they've gone to work examining the highly coveted screen tech.

While the display is incompatible with previous versions of the iPad and could not be turned on, when examined under a microscope it appears to have a resolution more than twice that of the current iPad, lending credence to rumors that the new tablet will finally get a Retina Display.

Worth noting: The iPhone 4 and 4S, currently the only available devices with a Retina Display, each have an on-screen pixel density of 330 PPI. But, even though its twice as sharp as its predecessor, the rumored iPad 3 display only has a density of about 260 PPI. As is pointed out in the video, given that the larger iPad is meant to be held further away from the eye than an iPhone, it's reasonable that Apple would adjust the specifications for what is termed a Retina Display downward.

Keep your eyes glued to the screen in front of you for everything you could want to know about the next iPad once its announced in the next couple weeks.

[via SAI]