Ever since Edgar Rice Burroughs created the John Carter series back in 1912, countless movie studios have attempted to turn the character’s written adventures into a blockbuster film. And now, one hundred years after he first debuted, the character has broken free of the shackles of development hell and will be the subject of his first major motion picture on March 9, simply titled John Carter.

The various trailers, TV spots, and posters for the film thus far have been decent, if not somewhat underwhelming. But this new extended clip, courtesy of Yahoo!, is the best look at the film yet. It features plenty of action, great CGI work, and a little insight into the personality of Carter himself.

It’s easy to watch this clip and see the influence that Carter had on the likes of Star Wars, Superman, Avatar, and countless other modern fantasy franchises. Director Andrew Stanton (WALL-E) has a tough task ahead of him to make this hundred-year-old character relevant again, but if the rest of the movie is as exciting as this clip then he can easily pull it off.

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