A new "Bioware Pulse" video gives us a glimpse into the voiceover process for the upcoming game, which apparently contains over 40,000 lines of dialogue. To put that in perspective, the average feature film probably has around 1,000. So it's quite a project for Bioware's lead sound designer and voiceover director, Rob Blake and Caroline Livingstone, respectively, to tackle.

They've also developed some new technology to "add texture" to every line of dialogue. "Stepping into Mass Effect 3," Livingstone says, "we knew we wanted to tap into Shepard's humanity." She even reveals that she's so invested in the story, she's cried in the recording booth. Aw!

The first half of the video details the retailer preorder bonuses, which we reported on last week. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter—what are you looking forward to most in Mass Effect 3?