Posted on some indie game forums today is a game tentatively titled A Science Fiction Saga. From developer David Ostman, this game looks to have it's own style, and it's stunning. That said, it seems there is a lot here that fans of the Blade Runner PC game, and even the LucasArts games that used the SCUMM engine. It could be at once a throwback, and a step forward for the genre.

A Science Fiction Saga is the story of Anderson Kane, someone who's been flung across different dimensions. There will be interstellar travel, solar systems to visit, alien outposts, colonies and regular outfit changes. There'slots of ways you can die, and anyone who's played a Space Quest Game knows how much fun that can be. What Ostman promises with his game is this:

  • A story that will (hopefully) make your moral compass spin a bit.
  • Characters that bring the universe to life.
  • Dialog- and event-based puzzles.
  • Not many puzzle-puzzles.
  • Interaction interface reminiscent of Full Throttle's (and more recently Gemini Rue's).
  • Uncomplicated action sequences to break up the pacing of the game.
  • A buttload of different areas to explore.
  • More ways to die than is the norm in today's point and click adventure games.
  • A change of outfits regularly so you never get tired of looking at Anderson.
  • Not really recommended to a younger audience.

Either way you cut it, the game looks great, and I'm sure that a lot of us will keep their feelers out for this one. To make that a little easier, you can follow David Ostman's twitter feed here. At this time, platforms haven't been announced, but it's very likely this will be PC-only, with a Mac release, maybe.