For years, Star Wars fans everywhere have been hearing rumors about a mysterious live-action show that George Lucas has been planning based on the mega-popular franchise, but very little has been set in stone so far. However, IGN caught up with the show's producer, Rick McCallum, and got a few details regarding the project that should make any fanboy or fangirl's heart skip a beat or two.

McCallum confirmed that the show's working-title is Star Wars: Underworld, and it will bypass Luke Skywalker's story in order to shed some light on the smaller corners of the universe. McCallum said that the focus will be on the seedier elements of the Star Wars saga, such as the gangs and bounty hunters that populate Lucas' world. Those details mesh well with the rumors from a few years ago that stated that Boba Fett would play a large role in the show.

McCallum also confirmed that 50 scripts have been completed for the show, but they are waiting to find an economically sound way to film the episodes. That is a much more daunting task than it sounds, given the staggering amount of special effects that will surely be featured in every episode. It will be a tough task to make an hour-long television show look like a $100 million film every week, but, then again, Lucas has certainly surprised us before.
[via IGN]