Gamesradar reports that the PS Vita's Japan launch troubles—which saw the console's sales drop more dramatically than expected in its second week on the market—have prompted some Japanese retailers to begin offering price cuts to the system's more expensive version. The retailers are discounting the 3G-enabled Vita, which as of now is planned to sell for $50 more in the US than its WiFi-only counterpart upon the system's launch next month, by around 20%.

What does that mean for the US launch? Sony hasn't announced anything yet, but if they're going to stay competitive with Nintendo (whose 3DS launch time woes also prompted a hefty price cut within the first six months) they had better take action soon.

Of course, it's not like Sony to admit they've made a mistake, even if few people want the 3G version of the Vita, and the double SKUs are likely only confusing casual consumers. Besides, as AT&T revealed today, their data plans for the system—required to take advantage of its 3G capabilities, which you're already paying $50 extra for right off the bat—range from $5-$25 per month, another extra expense.

Should they have nixed the 3G idea entirely or simply included it in every model of the Vita to avoid confusion? Is the Vita's rocky start a sign of its imminent demise or will it pick up steam like the 3DS did? Give us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.