When the first glimpses of footage and production stills from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance began hitting the internet, we thought directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor had the correct look and tone to make people forget about the terrible first installment of the franchise. And while the movie still has a hell-blazing look in this latest trailer, the story elements that are shown just looks like more of the same.

Looking like a cross between Rosemary's Baby and Constantine, Spirit of Vengeance revolves around Johnny Blaze (still played by the nearly-insane Nicolas Cage) attempting to save a child, who might be the Antichrist, from the clutches of the Devil. Instead of featuring crass humor and satire like Neveldine and Taylor did in Crank, they have chosen to apparently go a bit more serious in Spirit of Vengeance; unfortunately, it just comes off a bit melodramatic. From what is seen in the trailer, this movie looks like it could use some more tongue-in-cheek humor much like Garth Ennis gave the character in 2007's Road to Damnation miniseries.

Story concerns aside, there is no denying that Spirit of Vengeance brings the character of Ghost Rider to life with intensity and horror. Unlike the first movie, here Ghost Rider is seen both at night and during the day, and the CGI work on the character is really remarkable. It's still uncertain whether or not the Rider will actually have any interesting villains to go up against, but fans of the character should at least be happy that he's finally being seen on the screen the way he was meant to be. 

We won't know if Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be able to combine eye-popping action and a serviceable story until it gets released on February 17, but until then, comic fans can just marvel at the visuals this movie is sure to bring.