No complaints here: 2011 has been a great year in endless arenas. From hot gadgets to even hotter women, the past 12 months have provided blessings like Drive, iPhone's Siri, Breaking Bad's epic fourth season, several extra scantily clad Rihanna videos, and, of course, Chris Paul to the Clippers.

It's also provided the GOP debates, which have been drawing record numbers this year in terms of viewership. Watching the battle rage on between the crew of outspoken hopefuls with goals of occupying the White House has provided some of the year's most memorable quotables (for better and for worse). They've encouraged the nation to contemplate its most pressing issues, and, at the same time, they've also encouraged us to reimagine history—more specifically, one in which Paul Revere's allegiances lie with the British.

But the day-making comments uttered by politicians certainly expand far beyond the debates. This was also a year in which cyber philandering got the best of one prominent figure, a botched Medal of Honor award sunk another, and just about everyone and their mother showcased how painfully awful their American history skills truly were. One perk? Rick Perry got a ton of new followers on "Tweeter."

With the new year upon us, we decided to backtrack through the most awesomely brow-raising utterances and pay them (and their speakers) proper homage. Allow us to present you with our list of The 25 Dumbest Politician Quotes Of 2011.

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