Jamie Hein, who owns an duplex outside of Cincinnati, is dead serious about fighting the state of Ohio's ruling that the "Public Swimming Pool, White Only"sign she posted by the swimming pool on her property is a violation of the state's Civil Rights Act. If you're wondering how else the sign could be interpreted, or what exactly Hein's argument is, it's all a matter of access and hair products. Oh, and "white rights."

Hein noticed that  tenants were being visited by their black teenage daughter, so she allegedly posted the sign out of fear that the girl's hair products would cloud the pool's water. She claims the sign had already been posted (maybe she saw Good Hair), doesn't believe it's racist and only cares about folks asking before using her private pool-even though it appears to be public. Hein, who collects antiques, says the "historical sign" (from Selma, Alabama and1931) was given to her as a gift.  

Michael Gunn, the girl's father, split from the duplex and filed a complaint with Ohio's Civil Rights Commission, which agreed that Hein's sign was totally out of pocket. That didn't stop her from fighting the ruling, because Hein has no "problem with race at all," she was just concerned about people using her private property. Right. 

If Hein knew that the sign was "historical", then she should understand its magnitude and how it would be interpreted. If she gives a fuck, that is.Then again, she was just sticking up for her "white rights" because it "goes both ways." Because that doesn't sound racist.

As disgusting as it is, the recent string of all white everything shouldn't surprise anyone.

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