Sure, you've got every last one of Paul Mooney's lines memorized from Chappelle Show's "Negrodamus" skits, but would you say you're just as well acquainted with the Mooney's muse? Born in 1503, Michel de Nostredame (more commonly known as Nostradamus) was a French apothecary who became widely known for his prophecies.The noted seer's countless visions of the future were recorded in four-line stanzas and ultimately compiled into a book called Les Propheties.

While plenty believe Nostradamus was a total fraud (to be fair, his prophecies are vague as hell), he also developed a mass following of believers who are certain that the Frenchman's scribings had accurately predicted a number of historic events. He's been credited with calling out the Great Fire of London, the rise of Napoleon, World War II, and even Hurricane Katrina. So if the legendary forecaster was able to see that far into the future, he must surely have been clued into some of the biggest happenings in pop culture, no?

In honor of his birthday, we've examined some of Nostradamus' published works and pinpointed what may have been his foretelling of today's biggest entertainment stories and figures. Behold the 10 Pop Culture Events That Nostradamus Predicted.

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