By now, you should be familiar with just how awesome NBC's Brian Williams is. The host of Rock Center with Brian Williams, who also serves as the managing editor of NBC Nightly News, found himself with a little bit of a problem last night. Moments after live taping began, 30 Rock experienced a faulty fire alarm just as the broadcast got underway.

You can see in the video clip above that the cool-as-a-cucumber (#noRazB) Williams didn't even break out of character—not even for a second. The award-winning anchor simply finished his statement, alerted viewers to the situation, and kept talking. It's moments like that that showcase why he is one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World.

Faulty fire alarm or not (we jokingly suspect Questlove of the act), Brian Williams remained a class act. The peacock network later tweeted about the unfortunate (yet wildly amusing) real-time incident, saying, "What timing... Fire alarm here at 30 Rock goes off at the exact same time we go on air. All is fine in the building & the show goes on. #NN." At the end of the broadcast, the quick-witted reporter closed by saying, "We hope to get all quiet and see you tomorrow night."

We wonder what Anderson Cooper would have done in the same situation. We already know how Bill O'Reilly does it. Share your thoughts/jokes in the comments section below.

[via Mediaite]