If you logged into Tumblr earlier today you may have noticed that your entire dashboard was censored with the images removed and the text covered. Don't worry, Tumblr's not censoring its users; quite the opposite, actually. (Clicking to the next page of your Tumblr dashboard should restore everything.) The blogging network is actually trying to alert people about the dangers of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that is currently going through Congress. 

SOPA is a bill that will attempt to curb digital piracy by allowing website blocking at the DNS (Internet provider) level. The bill has the potential to cripple the Internet as we know it. A number of Internet companies, including eBay, Facebook, Twitter, and Mozilla, came together to send a letter to Congress urging them consider the implications this bill may have.  

Tumblr, along with a number of other sites and companies, are trying to get their users and visitors to reach out to their representatives regarding the bill by showing them what the Net could potentially look like if SOPA is passed. If you feel strongly about, you should do the same. According to Tech Crunch, Tumblr users are averaging 3.6 calls per second. 

[via Tech Crunch]