Is there any type of facial hair that is more fickle than the mustache? For some people it can be the physical embodiment of toughness, while for others it is nothing more than a fuzzy eyesore that can destroy families, careers, and livelihoods. In no profession is this more evident than in law enforcement. It seems like over half of the police force nationwide is currently sporting a mustache, whether it looks good or not.

The movie industry hasn’t ignored this law enforcement fashion trend. Over the years, these 'staches have been in both serious cop dramas and parodies, and most of the time they're so ridiculous looking that it’s hard to differentiate the two.

In director Dito Montiel’s latest movie, The Son Of No OneChanning Tatum plays an NYPD officer with the type of weak mustache that any high school freshman can grow over the weekend. Looks-wise, it's a career low for the actor, but when it comes to embarrassing lip fuzz on movie cops, it's just continuing a long, sad tradition. Check out the most brutal police soup strainers in our countdown of The 25 Worst Cop Mustaches In Movies.

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