Additional victims of transgender Dr. Frankenstein Oneal Ron Morris have come forward since the shocking arrest in Miami Gardens last week. Morris, who is being considered a man by the law, was arrested last Friday for giving women butt injections with a concoction of cement, super glue and Fix-A-Flat.

Morris posted bail over the weekend, but was arrested again on Wednesday night after more victims came forward. He was already facing charges of practicing medicine without a license and causing bodily harm, and the emergence of more victims means even more charges. The saga isn't over either, as the Florida Department of Health still believes there could be "several" more.

An alleged accomplice, Corey Eubank, has been arrested and charged with aiding Morris. He, of course, is playing dumb. Meanwhile, the first victim is still experiencing health issues nearly a year and a half after her "procedure." No matter how this turns out, Morris is guilty of perpetuating body image and self-esteem related issues. Then again, one glance at him pretty much tells you that he's not in his right mind.

The hips don't lie.

[via Miami New Times]

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