Complex: What are some of your favorite platformers from recent years? (Limbo? Braid? Prince of Persia?) Did any of those favorites influence Rayman Origins’ design?

Michel Ancel: Well, multiplayer platforming is a big focus for Rayman Origins versus some of the games you mentioned. I think that we have the same goals as Mario or LittleBigPlanet or Donkey Kong; we want everybody to play and enjoy the game at the same time even when players have different skill sets. That’s a big challenge.

After a lot of testing, we arrived at some results that compared to similar games but with unique features specific to Rayman Origins. For example, the fighting dimension of the game brings a lot to differentiate it from the others. In the end, we want big kids like us to be able to play with their own kids.

As far as some of my favorite games, I have been enjoying playing games on my iPad. Right now, I would say my favorite is Contre Jour. I love the art style, the music, the way they put it all together. I like the way they have combined all these different yet familiar gameplay styles. It’s really interesting to see the advancement of games on the iPad. You’re able to create something really beautiful yet very simple at the same time.