James Cameron may be one of the most pompous directors in Hollywood, but there is no denying that the man can put together a great movie when he wants to. Terminator 2 is Cameron’s best combination of story, heart, and testosterone-fueled action, but despite the memorable performances by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, T2 is perhaps most remembered for the unstoppable T-1000.

Made of liquid metal, this robotic nightmare is quite possibly the best original villain to ever be put on screen, thanks in no small part to the digital artists at ILM. They created the most comprehensive liquid effects up until that point, and, truth be told, the effects are still better than a lot of the rushed CGI work being done today.

Whether he was creating metal knives, turning into a metallic puddle, or morphing in front of our eyes, T-1000 is the creepiest digital creation ever. Seriously, look at Terminator: Salvation; nothing in that movie looks half as good as T-1000, and it came out about 18 years after T2.