We know what you’re thinking: Those overpriced "haunted houses" populated by wannabe theater actors couldn’t scare the Cowardly Lion, and your liver can only handle one night of hard drinking in costume while spitting game to every Sexy French Maid within beer-goggled eyesight. The number of outdoor activities best carried out on Halloween weekend is limited to either one of those options, which is why we’re here to say that, sometimes, it’s wisest to stay home with a few quality DVDs—of the scary variety, of course.

Now that Netflix has angered the masses, there’s no better time to pay that trusty old local video store a check-in, peruse the “Horror” aisle, and randomly select flicks based solely on their cover art; the crazier looking, the better. Often times, a film’s advertising campaign is even wilder when the movie hits theaters, ushered into the genre fans’ conscious via an eye-grabbing, possibly stomach-churning one-sheet, the pre-release posters hung up inside the glass frames decorating the nearest multiplex.

More than any other cinematic genre, horror allows for its films’ marketing approaches to go as far beyond good taste as theoretically possible, as you’ll see throughout our list of The 50 Sickest Horror Movie Posters Of All Time. Or, pieces of artwork you’d better not have plastered all over your bedroom walls when one of those DTF French maids makes her way back to your pad for a little tricking and treating.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

Tags: horror, halloween, movie-posters, exploitation
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