After 23 seasons and over 480 episodes, The Simpsons has been going strong ever since the first Bush administration. Throughout the years, the show has played host to dozens of guest-stars and controversial topics, and one of creator Matt Groening's most beloved creations is the annual Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror.

These horror-themed episodes are split up into three eight-minute-long segments that are meant to bring a bit of terror to the otherwise zany world of The Simpsons. Along the way, these Treehouse of Horror episodes have parodied classic movies, TV shows, and novels in an attempt to shock and disturb their loyal audience. In the process, the various Treehouse segments have provided some of the most memorable moments in the show's long history.

Despite the show’s noticeable drop in quality over the past few seasons, the Treehouse of Horror specials have never been anything less than hilarious during the 21 years since the original one first aired. And to celebrate the debut of Treehouse of Horror XXII, which airs tonight at 8pm EST, we’re taking a look back at The 25 Best Simpsons "Treehouse Of Horror" Stories.

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