Movies have incorporated song and dance nearly since their inception. In fact, the first movie to feature synchronized dialogue was Al Jolson’s 1927 music-themed film, The Jazz Singer. Since then, hundreds of movies have featured musical numbers with plenty of dancing.

From classics like Singin’ In The Rain to Saturday Night Fever and Moulin Rouge, dance scenes have become a cinematic staple; they even pop up in flicks that aren’t necessarily considered musicals. But no one dances more feverishly than money hungry studio execs after a big-budget musical brings in bank. Even dozens of Broadway musicals have surfaced as adaptations of these movies.

But like anything in the movie industry, not every dance number is an instant hit. There have been plenty of instances where otherwise dramatic actors find themselves flopping around like fish in a desperate attempt to look like seasoned dancers. These moments can either destroy a movie's credibility or wind up as a tongue-in-cheek Youtube sensation, and sometimes both.

So with the release of the Footloose remake hitting theaters this weekend, we’re here to take a look back at the 10 Worst Dancing Scenes In Movies.