In 2005, an enlightened troupe of sages known as the Three 6 Mafia proclaimed in song, “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” For their timeless and contemplative ballad, they were awarded an Oscar.

Sure, pimpin’ ain’t easy, but what about dudes involved in the oldest profession in the world? Prostitution, that is. Sometimes we wonder if hired lady-killers receive too little credit. Getting paid to get it in might seem like every man’s dream in theory, but turning tricks isn’t without its drawbacks, as the cast of Showtime’s Gigolos can attest. Set in Las Vegas, the reality show revolves around five male escorts who live to please the ladies—no matter what it entails. From accompanying old women to events to test driving scary sex toys for sadomasochists, there are few lines these guys won’t cross to support their lives of leisure.

Now that the second season of Gigolos is upon us (the show returned last night at 11pm EST), we can only imagine what’s up next for the fast five. Before you start thinking about quitting your day job, however, do yourself a favor and consult our list of 10 Downsides To Being A Gigolo.

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