Beyoncé, as we all know, is pregnant.

With pregnancy comes strange food cravings. In a piece with The Sun, B admitted to desiring the following combinations:

1. Oreos and gherkins

2. Ice cream with hot chili sauce

3. Bananas in ketchup 

4. Dime bars melted inside croissants (a Dime bar is a candy available in the UK that consists of a crunchy butter almond bar doused in milk chocolate)

There you have it.

Jonathan Safran Foer wrote a short story called "Cravings" wherein the author imagines the eating habits of the mother's of famous historical figures—Amelia Earhart's mother positions herself in front of a fan, mouth open wide, eating air. That sort of thing.

We're hesitant to speculate about the symbolic potential of any of Beyoncé's choices.

[via The Sun]