It's no secret that throngs of Netflix subscribers weren't happy about the video rental and streaming service's decision to raise prices on all of its plans back in July. What was a secret—well, until today—was how many of those disgruntled customers chose to chuck Netflix the dueces. 

Netflix recently told its investors that the company is on pace to lose one million more subscribers than it initially planned to lose since its July price hike. As of July 25, Netflix expected to 10 million streaming-only customers, 3 million DVD-only customers, and 12 million customers with both. The projection has changed to 9.8 million streaming-only customers, 2.2 million DVD-only customers, and 12 million with both. 

Despite the loss of customers (and the recent loss of Starz), Netflix told investors it still believes "that the splitting of our services was the right longterm strategic choice." 

[via Huffington Post]